Welcome to Husky Running Club!

Who Are We?

Husky Running Club is a student organization at the University of Washington devoted to running. Continue where you left off with your high school cross-country days, start running for the first time, or start trying new distances! Neither membership nor previous running experience is required, merely a desire to meet others and run. We also host potlucks once or twice a quarter and several weekend trail runs throughout the year. Everyone is welcome!

You can learn more about us here.

All runs leave from the quad at 5pm — come join us anytime! We have running groups for all levels of experience.

Weekly Schedule

  • Monday: 3/5/7 Mile Group Run (~1 hr)
  • Tuesday: Track Workout
  • Wednesday: Mystery Group Run (~1 hr)
  • Thursday: 3/5/7 Mile Group Run (~1 hr)
  • Friday: Hill Workout or Long Run (on opposing weeks)

Group runs in particular are a great way to get to know your fellow runners while running at your own pace.

Keep up with our runners and track your own progress on Strava:

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